10 Must-Haves for Every Truck Driver

Jan 21, 2022 | CDL Careers, Truck Drivers | 0 comments

Whether you’re about to start your Polk County trucking career or you already have several thousands of miles under your belt, the following items are definite truck driver must-haves. Make sure you have these before you step out of the house!

Trucking permit and driver credentials

Your Florida CDL paperwork should always be carried on board with you. You’ll need this information if you’re stopped by law enforcement or checking in at a weigh station. It’s always good to store these papers together properly in a waterproof envelope with various transparent page leaves so you can go through each document easily.

Shower flip-flops

A lot of Polk County trucking professionals use truck-stop showers. This means a lot of potential diseases affecting your feet, including athlete’s foot, fungal infections (plantar warts!), and bacterial infections (staph skin!) Also, when you’re done with your shower, be sure to douse with rubbing alcohol or disinfectant to clean them.

Cell phone charger

Your cell phone is your lifeline between you, your company, the client, and your family. And that can also provide entertainment, from streaming music to games. All of these activities will drain your phone battery. Stocking a charger that can fit into the 12V port in your truck takes care of this issue. Also, carry a plug-in charger as a backup. Having a power bank can be helpful too.


Sometimes, your job might be extended, and something might keep you on the road for longer than you anticipated, which means it’s time to hit those showers at pit stops. A lot of times, the call of nature heeds when you’re on a long stretch of road with no toilet in sight. If you want to keep things at a minimum, put in a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, rubbing alcohol, and facial sunscreen in your hygiene kit. Polk County trucking professionals must not forget their toilet paper and disinfectant wipes.

A fresh set of clothes

Even if you can find truck rest stops with laundry facilities, extra shirts, pants, socks, and underwear are essential to keep you well-groomed. Extra clothes also make sense on short hauls; you never know when scheduling or weather delays might occur.


Even if your transport takes you only through sunny places, good work gloves are a must. For one thing, it can still get cold. On another note, gloves protect your hands from injuries and sun damage. Melanoma is real, y’all.

High-visibility jacket

This is a Polk County trucking essential, especially at night, if you need to step out of your truck on a highway to check your tires. The fluorescent material in these vests or jackets helps other drivers see you clearly and avoid potential accidents.

First-aid kit

Whether you’re a company driver or on your own, a medical first-aid kit, complete with adhesive bandages, compresses, gauze, tape, and first-aid cream (for burns and wounds) need to be added to your stash. Check this kit regularly, and replace used items.

Emergency box

Absolutely one of the truck driver essentials you must have to ensure safety. The safety kit should include a tire pressure gauge, a nice sturdy flashlight and batteries, duct tape, jumper cables, a tarp, wrench, and pliers.

Drinking water and healthy non-perishable food

Save time and money by carrying plenty of water— staying hydrated is important. And healthy, non-perishable snacks are on the list of truck driver essentials; those protein bars, veggie chips, mixed nuts, and bananas can take you a long way.

We hope this article helps you in becoming a more prepared Polk County trucking professional from this day onwards. Don’t forget to pack your trucker essentials on your first day at work, and check every day if it’s in your truck before you leave and start your workday. Ensure your safety and well-being by being prepared ALL THE TIME.

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