A Day in the Life of a Polk County Truck Driver

Tuesday November 23, 2021 comments



If you’re considering becoming a truck driver, or curious about the Polk County trucking profession, you must be wondering how their day unfolds and ends. Although the industry is critical to our modern society for the different movements of goods, very few people take the time to think how essential the job is.

In this blog, we’ll explore the day of a truck driver and how it’s like to be in their shoes.


Getting an Early Start

Most truck drivers get an early start. You can expect them being on the road in the early morning, but will also depend on the time requirements on the job.

Drivers will check the weather and road conditions before getting on the road, inspecting the truck, and completion of any required logs.

Once on the road, Polk County trucking experts are held to consecutive deliveries which can render them busy. Drivers must stay alert for potential delays, such as slow vehicles and accidents. Though there are possibilities of extreme weather conditions and the truck breaking down, deliveries are still expected to come in a timely manner.


Days on the Job

Truck drivers work fairly long days, however it can depend on the company’s routing system, rest area and food, weather, traffic, and other road hazards.

Legally, the Department of Transportation allows drivers to drive 11 hours a day through a 14 hour period.


Winding Down

When the evening comes, a truck driver has already spent a substantial time on the road. Most truckers will pull off and get some rest. Some trucks are equipped with a sleeper in which they can stay and sleep in the truck, or stay in facilities where they can rest.

Taken together, the life of a truck driver can be challenging. However, this can also depend on company requirements and directives!


Here at Trans-Phos, our Polk County trucking professionals have great benefits such as a local routing system in which deliveries are done per city/state, as well as flexible working hours and being home every night to make sure that our drivers have a work-life balance.