A Day in the Life of a Truck Driver

Thursday April 29, 2021 comments Tags: Mulberry Florida Trucking, Trucking Careers Florida, Truck Driving Florida


If you're thinking about becoming a Florida trucker or just wondering about the job, you're probably curious about what work is like on the highway for a trucker. Florida truckers are an essential part of the global economy. Trucking allows for the productive transportation of materials and goods in a timely manner. This blog will take a glance at a typical day in the life of truck drivers.


An Early Riser

If you notice truckers on the highway, you’ll see most of them driving early in the morning. With that in mind, you should expect to wake up between three and five in the morning, but the exact time will depend on the individual driver and their work specifications.


Before hitting the road, drivers will review the weather conditions and plan their route. Prior to getting behind the wheel, the trucks will be inspected and any necessary reports will be completed. Truckers are usually kept to a rigid schedule when driving. This ensures that goods are delivered in a consistent timely manner. Certain factors, like inclement climate and system failure, are beyond the driver's control. Wondering about what you would haul? Click here to learn about the Mulberry phosphate hauling industry.


Long Workdays

Truckers usually work long shifts. The duration of the work shift can vary depending on the distance and the accessibility of rest stops and food, the location, weather conditions, traffic, and other road conditions. The Department of Transportation allows adequate OTR truckers to drive up to 11 hours each day.


This implies that truckers can operate up to 11 hours per day, however any time spent driving beyond that limit will result in severe sanctions. Example, if you have approximately 9 hours of actual driving each day, and taking one or more breaks throughout the day for meals and getting gas etc. all that time should all add up to 11hrs. 


Remember that truckers only generate income whenever they are driving, so taking extra breaks during could affect your paycheck. Wondering how much a Florida trucker earns? Click here!


Taking A Breather

A trucker has already invested a significant amount of time on the highway by the time evening arrives. By Nightfall, the truck driver would be searching for a rest stop. They will spend an evening in their truck if it is outfitted with a sleeper. A trucker will usually have some food, call home, and then go to bed.


We Want to Thank Our Truckers

A truckers day can be difficult when all of the factors are considered. They typically work full time that begins early and finishes late. They are on the road the majority of their time up to 11 hours each day. Their working hours consist of strict deadlines that should be fulfilled, with the constant risk of being delayed due to various reasons.


Every career path has advantages and disadvantages, and driving trucks is no exception. Nonetheless, recognizing a driver's day in life shows appreciation for all the hard work they do.