Overcoming Your Fear of Change

Thursday May 20, 2021 comments Tags: Mulberry Florida Trucking, Trucking Careers Florida, Truck Driving Florida


Anybody that enrolls in a private trucking school or a company-paid CDL training course experiences a range of emotions. Fear and reluctance mingled with enthusiasm and hope for a brighter future. Believe it or not, everyone has experienced these feelings of change in some form. Read on my friend! Your support system has arrived!


The Difficulties of Starting a New Career

It's not a case of "Can I acquire the knowledge to drive big trucks?" Taking a CDL class and getting your certification ensures you have the initial skill set. The greatest factor when it comes to fear in a new job or industry is fear of the unknown. Things not taught in school. What you learn from work experiences. Click here for the top reasons to be a Florida truck driver.


When it comes to the actual job, trucking is a constant state of learning. Even when a new driver acknowledges standard operating procedures, he is still learning about highways, parking such a large vehicle, and truck stopovers. Discovering each new job can be challenging and frightening.


How Can You Overcome Your Fears?

Recognizing your fears is the first step toward overcoming them. Then you must formulate a course of action. Knowledge and support will help you get through any facet of trucking. Generate a support system of professional drivers to whom you can reach out in an emergency or simply to express your frustration. For example, if you really are scared of winter driving, ask a colleague and lean on their experiences.


Never allow your fears overwhelm you and make you prone to making mistakes.


Make preparations, face your fears, and develop a plan to eradicate any unnecessary interruptions throughout your training and rookie year. Over time, a level of comfort develops, while the roadways and parking lots become imprinted in your memory. Before you know it, your fear will become confidence. Your mistakes become your experience. Looking back, you will be glad you made the choice to be a professional truck driver.