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Certain shipments call for heavy haul trucking services: trucking that can operate legally at more than the federally-defined maximum gross weight. And sometimes, even if your freight is not oversized, you can save a lot of money by hauling an oversized load with heavy hauling trucking services.


The difference between standard weight and overweight cargo for trucking services:


Gross weight is the number that registers when that truck rolls onto a scale at a state weigh station. It includes the weight of everything the truck, chassis, container, cargo, even the driver and the fuel in the tank. According to federal regulations, the maximum allowable gross weight for a commercial trucking is 80,000 lbs.


In most states, though, trucking can actually operate at up to 90,000 lbs. gross weight, and in a few states the upper limit is at 100,000 lbs. Because you can pack a lot more cargo into a container, heavy freight trucking is a major savings opportunity. 


But to seize that savings opportunity and utilize heavy hauling trucking for any load of more than about 44,000 lbs. over the road legally, you must work with a properly-qualified heavy hauling carrier.


Some trucking companies might assure you that they can handle an overweight load, even if heavy hauling isn’t part of their day-to-day business. You should be asking the following questions when choosing trucking services: Can this company demonstrate that it has the right equipment for your load? Can they obtain the necessary permits? Will they try to make the run without those permits?


Imagine what could happen if the truck breaks down en route because your load’s weight proved too much for the equipment. Best-case scenario, the trucker could end up with an unexpected repair bill for a damaged chassis that belongs to a chassis pool. Worst-case scenario, the breakdown triggers an accident involving other vehicles. People get hurt, and if police on the scene discover that the trucker doesn’t have an overweight permit, you’re in a world of trouble.


Luckily, we specialize in overweight, bulk transportation, heavy hauling trucking services. To discuss the best way to ship your bulk materials, and how to save money by building heavier loads, contact our trucking experts at Trans Phos.