Calling All Florida Truckers: We Want You!

Oct 1, 2021 | CDL Careers, Owner Operator, Truck Drivers | 0 comments

Becoming a truck driver is one of the most fulfilling Mulberry trucking jobs that you can have. The nature of the work is essential because trucking and hauling is associated with transporting food, clothing, fuel, livestock, and so much more!

However, keep in mind that the city that you live in has a big impact on your career. It doesn’t just determine the areas that you will be driving in, it will also have an effect on jobs, potential income, and cost of living.

Are you on the journey of being a truck driver? We want YOU, and we’ll tell you why below!

Love local

Coincidentally, the state of Florida is regarded as one of the best locations for truck drivers specifically in Orlando and Lakeland. Generally speaking, Florida has great starting points for routes that go all the way to the east coast but is even preferable for local routes.

What’s great about local Mulberry trucking is that the work is already set for the day, which allows you to go home to be with your family at night. Aside from being home at the end of every workday, local Mulberry trucking professionals have multiple stops for each haul that can help reduce monotony and better physical health.


Being in the Mulberry trucking industry, you’re sure that flexibility is thriving! Local truckers enjoy a work-life balance which helps them to destress and foster relationships and interests outside of the job.

Contrary to regional truckers that spend most of their time away in different states and apart from their families, local Mulberry trucking routes and deliveries are made just in the area and can be done in just a day.

Job Stability

We cannot stress this enough: Mulberry trucking is essential. As long as there are states and countries that have businesses and projects, trucking will always be there. With that said, trucking is a stable job and a great avenue to earn a steady income.

Aside from having a stable job, you’re also able to help out in your community by completing hauls and deliveries that are vital to your area’s growth as a whole. Thinking about becoming a truck driver? Read this blog by clicking here

Start Your Journey Today

One of the best things of becoming a local Mulberry trucking professional is to still be able to enjoy your life while helping out in the community. It’s a fulfilling job that’s even better with a company that treats one another like family! Here at Trans-Phos, we’ll be here to guide you through the journey of being a truck driver, alongside many seasoned truckers.