Five Reasons Why Truck Driving is the Job for You

May 23, 2022 | CDL Careers, Truck Drivers | 0 comments

Oftentimes, deciding that you want a job in the Lakeland trucking industry is not what people think about first in terms of weighing career paths.

However, a career in this industry can be rewarding and exciting. In this blog, we’re giving you five reasons why trucking is the job for you!

Purpose and Impact

We can’t stress this enough. Being part of the Lakeland trucking industry entails great purpose and impact on society. When you buy any material thing, best believe that a truck brought it. Noticeably enough, the demand for trucks carrying freight and load has been increasing. It only shows how the industry is essential in every city.

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Career Growth Opportunities

You’ve probably heard about the Lakeland trucking industry having great job security. Another good thing about it is that it also has a lot of career growth opportunities!

If you’re looking at starting your career as a truck driver, you can do so. Want to take a leadership position as well? That’s possible! In trucking, there are unlimited possibilities to work your way up into being a manager, or even making lateral moves such as being a member of the customer service team!

Challenges to Keep on Your Toes

Indeed, Lakeland trucking jobs are not for the faint of heart. You have to be an expert driver or even a customer service extraordinaire!

You’ll definitely be taking on multiple tasks during your workweek, each with its own set of challenges.


Truck drivers are a close-knit group with deep respect for each other.

Once you join the community, you will have a large group of people to lean on. While driving can seem like an individualistic task, it’s definitely a team effort involving other drivers, dispatch management, warehouse workers, and more.

Steady Work Available

The transportation industry is always evolving.

Working in this industry means working on the frontlines of innovation. There’s always work to be done when you are a truck driver.

A Meaningful Career

Now more than ever, being a Lakeland trucking professional is more essential than ever before. Many communities, contractors, and project leaders rely on the delivery of goods.

That is why Trans-Phos is always on the front line in upholding the dependability and timeliness of deliveries to those who need our services. It is our lifelong commitment.

We are extremely appreciative of all the hard work that our drivers put into every workday, driving our nation’s fleet forward.

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If you want to make a difference through your chosen career, consider being in the Lakeland trucking industry!