How To Make Money By Becoming A Florida Truck Driver

Oct 1, 2021 | CDL Careers, Truck Drivers | 0 comments

Living from paycheck to paycheck can be frustrating, as you’re working day and night only to make just enough to pay your bills and rent. In the absence of having an emergency fund or any savings at all, a sudden inconvenience can become a full-fledged crisis.

In considering an ideal job that can do more for you financially and gives you amazing benefits, one of them is becoming a Florida Truck Driver. It’s an essential and fulfilling job that gives amazing benefits and a competitive salary package!

Want to know how to make money by being part of a Florida trucking company? Read on below!

You Are Paid Per Load

One of the best things about being a Florida trucking professional is that you’re paid per load.

With the pay per load paying system, drivers earn by having a flat rate of pay which makes drivers earn more when they deliver more loads. Coupled with the local routing system, the driver’s familiarity on the road makes it even more advantageous to navigate alternate routes and shortcuts to fulfill more loads.


Florida truck drivers also receive additional pay through bonuses.

Common bonuses that Florida trucking companies give are fuel, safety, and inspection, as well as a hiring bonus. Aside from a hiring bonus, there are also referral incentives for successfully bringing in new drivers.


There are several factors that influence a Florida trucking professional’s salary pay raise. Generally, pay is expected to rise every year.

Supply and demand is one of the factors that influence economic activity, and trucking is not exempted. When there is a need for more goods and supplies that need hauling, more drivers are needed.

With this, various trucking organizations in Florida are taking steps to provide significant raises in trucker salaries. This promotes a great and competitive salary, which is enticing for drivers and individuals that are looking for higher pay and financial freedom.

Experience and Driving Record

Safety, reliability, and timeliness are the core of hauling and transportation as a whole.

These characteristics are extremely important for the safety of the materials, as well as the driver. In terms of the record of truck drivers, Florida trucking companies ensure there should be no more than 1 moving violation and they have passed different background checks and screenings.

Keep in mind that a safe driver will be able to complete more deliveries effectively!

Work With The Best Truckers

Job stability, financial freedom, and a fulfilling job! We do it best here at Trans-Phos. As a Florida trucking professional, enjoy the best benefits, salary package, and bonuses!