The Mulberry Phosphate Industry is Thriving!

Mar 14, 2022 | Phosphate Hauling | 0 comments

As Polk County’s premier hauling and trucking company, we are proud to provide excellent trucking service to Mulberry’s phosphate mining industry.

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The history of Mulberry dates back to the invention of the railroad and the industrial revolution way before trucking was available and practiced in the phosphate mining industry. Long before this time, it was widely known that phosphorus was essential to the production of fertilizer. Around the time of the industrial revolution, it was discovered that phosphorite, or phosphate rock, was an even richer source of phosphorus.

This specific form of Phosphorus was found in a chain of Central Florida towns called the “Bone Valley” in 1890. This area was rich with this natural resource and was already connected by a railway, originally intended to transport lumber. The most distinctive feature of the railway station was that it rested beneath the shade of a single mulberry tree. Naturally, as the phosphate mining capital blossomed into a city, it was named Mulberry. Cool!

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Many other related industries have sprung up out of phosphate mining to support it. For example, aggregate transportation vehicles can be spotted all over the highways of Central Now, it is home to Trans-Phos, the premier bulk transportation company that is proud to haul phosphate all over the country as part of its storied reputation in trucking services. We are proud to be the leader when it comes to Mulberry’s phosphate hauling and trucking.

The best trucking company in the Mulberry phosphate hauling industry.

Our company has supported countless careers because of our participation in the Mulberry phosphate hauling industry. Trans-Phos drivers, who remain to be the best truckers in Polk County, have been hauling phosphate out of Mulberry for decades and they are supported by our office, logistics, and maintenance teams. We dedicate ourselves to remain as the most reliable Polk County trucking company you can find in Mulberry’s phosphate hauling industry. 

We are still looking for amazing licensed truck drivers who want to grow their careers with the best in Central Florida’s transport industry. Apply now at our Careers page and enjoy a fulfilling career with Trans-Phos and be part of Mulberry’s phosphate hauling industry!

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