Upgrade Your Trucking Career in Florida

Apr 5, 2022 | CDL Careers, Truck Drivers | 0 comments

If you are a truck driver with a few years of experience, or if you’re in a stagnant spot in your career, it is about time to upgrade your career. The trucking industry is evolving and remaining competitive requires you to also advance yourself to keep up. By continuing to learn and grow, you can expect higher pay and great clients.

Let’s take a look at how you can upgrade your trucking career in Florida!

Truck Driving Classes

Whether you are working in a big company or thinking about becoming a truck driver, getting driving lessons can help. You will be reminded or learn about the several rules and regulations that you need to follow when operating the vehicle. You will also learn about current industry scenarios and relevant practices for the best experience. Certified instructors will teach you how to operate heavy-duty vehicles safely and recognize safety practices.

Knowledge and Skills Update

Many Florida trucking companies now require truck drivers to learn various software to help streamline the delivery process. Trucks are also equipped with better technology now more than ever to enhance productivity and functionality.

Utilize the internet and do your research so you can update your knowledge about the Polk County trucking industry. You should also check out companies that have job listings for truck drivers. You may want to start working with them when the time is right. TransPhos is currently looking for licensed truck drivers to join our Florida trucking family!

Professional Decorum

Huge Florida trucking companies such as Trans-Phos are looking for drivers who can act professionally and complete their tasks on time. Driving aggressively, arguing, or not complying with your company’s policies can cause disruption and give you a bad rep as a truck driver. Drivers need to act professionally and make sure that they are being a good representative of a Florida or Polk County trucking company. Knowing your responsibilities, communicating effectively, and meeting deadlines helps you grow your career and establish your record as a fantastic driver to work with.

Stellar Record

Most people think that a truck driver has limited career opportunities. That’s absolutely untrue. If you maintain a good record and have sound knowledge of the industry, it can help you secure better-paying contracts. Along with securing your license, you can strengthen your truck driver profile by having relevant driving experience. You can also highlight any experience with packing, hauling, customer service, or other service-based experiences to showcase your diverse skill set. Florida trucking companies LOVE truck drivers who have a great work ethic and who are reliable and diligent.

Join a Better Trucking Company

Another factor that can help you advance your trucking career in Florida is joining a better company to work for.

Make sure the company you are considering has the following things that will definitely help you advance your trucking career in Florida:

They should value their employees’ time.

Aside from paying their employees well by the hour, a good Lakeland trucking company will also know the quality of time being spent by their employees on a daily basis. A company that cares about whether you get to spend time with your loved ones at the end of the day and or on your passion projects on days off is a company worth considering. Here at Trans-Phos we empower our employees with the ability to create a flexible working schedule with us.

They should help build their employees’ skills and confidence.

An awesome Florida trucking company will invest in its people. They make sure that their drivers and office employees go through regular training to maintain an excellent standard of work. They also support their employees’ career growth by providing materials and opportunities to help build their skills and confidence. Trans-Phos drivers regularly go through various training so they’re up-to-date with the latest logistics software, trucking practices, and standards.

They should be committed to their employees’ safety.

Smooth delivery is safe delivery, and safe delivery is effective delivery. In order to find a great trucking company, ask around in Lakeland about which company has the best track record on safety and efficiency. Here at Trans-Phos, we pride ourselves on having an excellent record of safe and effective deliveries. We support our drivers with truck maintenance done by our expert mechanics, ensuring our drivers’ safety. This commitment to safety is also reinforced by our drivers’ rigorous training which helps develop their skills, admirable sense of discipline, and accountability.

You have found the best trucking company in Florida!

Trans-Phos is a well-respected and highly-trusted Florida trucking company and we are proud to continue years of excellence with our growing family of drivers and office support staff. New and experienced truck drivers have joined our team over the years and have stayed with us because they have consistently enjoyed high job satisfaction, career growth, and financial fulfillment at Trans-Phos.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR DRIVERS and non-driver employees who can carry on the legacy of Trans-Phos. Submit your application and start a fantastic career journey with us!