What You Should Look For in a Trucking Company You Will Work For (And TransPhos Checks ALL the Boxes!)

Jan 21, 2022 | CDL Careers, Truck Drivers | 0 comments

So you are now starting on a new journey in the Mulberry trucking industry. Are you looking for the right company to join? Allow us to guide you on what you need to look for in Mulberry trucking companies before you walk in the door and submit your application. You absolutely deserve to be part of a fantastic and successful truck company who will treat you like family and support your career, with your safety and welfare in mind.

Compensation & Benefits

We all work to make a living, that is just a fact. So you should feel free to compare companies based on the pay and benefits they offer. Keep in mind that while compensation doesn’t tell the full story, it can be a good place to start. Do not hesitate to probe around about the rate being offered by other Mulberry trucking companies you are considering. Consider any sign-on bonuses and the conditions required for these, as well as benefits that come with the position you are eyeing.

Here at Trans-Phos, we actually pay our drivers per delivery. To earn more, you won’t have to go out of your way to other states to earn your rate, you can just do it within your local area and fulfill your deliveries!

Industry Experience

Look for a Mulberry trucking company that is an expert in a variety of transportation. They should be knowledgeable enough to handle all your queries related to the transportation type you’re interested in.

Trans-Phos exhibits knowledge in state of the art transport practices and freight services. We are well-versed in handling all the technical, legal, and other related issues that one can come across during transportation.

Time at Home

On-the-Road trucking will typically involve being on the road for multiple weeks at a time. That being said, specific home time policies vary. If you are interested in getting home as frequently as possible, you may consider an office or non-driver job in the Mulberry trucking industry too.

In this industry that almost operates 24/7, flexible working arrangements are still possible, especially here at Trans-Phos. We believe that offering flexible options can make our employees’ work days easier, in order to keep them in our family long-term. Our local routing system makes it also possible for you to be home every night to your family, as we promote a healthy work-life balance.

Reputation and Culture

TransPhos Trucking Florida

Research about the companies you are considering. You would want to be part of a Mulberry trucking team that is well-known for their efficiency, stellar customer service, and great company culture.

Here at Trans-Phos, you can be proud of this Florida trucking company’s dependable and reliable service that spans over 40 years, to keep clients’ goods and materials safe and secured in every haul. We ensure that our deliveries will arrive on time to meet deadlines. We also have a family culture where we truly look out for the welfare and long-term satisfaction of our employees.

TransPhos have jobs open for both drivers and non-drivers. We would love it if you can browse through our career postings and apply to be part of our family!