Trans-Phos was founded in 1973. We are a family-owned bulk transportation business upheld by the pillars of safety, efficiency, and reliability. Our fleet of trucks is at your disposal, whether the project is construction, phosphate, soil, or any number of aggregate materials in various different industries. We are committed to getting you the most out of every truckload. 

Your project is our priority and our bulk transportation team is dedicated to making sure your load is accurate and on time. We understand that a late delivery can completely derail your project, costing you time and money; we ensure that your project stays on time and within budget by working with the most efficient freight managers from start to finish. We don’t cut corners because our priority is the success of your projects and the growth of your business. We don’t succeed unless your projects stay on time. 

Safety standards have been at the forefront of our business since 1973. Our intensive and thorough safety standards include in-depth safety training for all our drivers, 24-hour field supervision, and GPS monitoring of all units. Our award-winning safety standards are the result of our constant efforts to protect our customers and our employees at all times. Our team members and truck drivers are trained to provide you with the best service, consistently and continuously. Your haul is safe with us!

Bill Whitney and Neil Whitney Trans-Phos

Our Vision

Delivering exceptional services to our clients as a leader in the aggregate transportation industry. We do this through our unwavering commitment to serve all customers promptly, safely, and professionally while providing our valued employees with a safe and rewarding career.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to deliver trusted bulk transportation services to our customers with world class service and safety.


Trans-Phos truck construction materials


Our customers can depend on us to keep our commitments, communicate effectively, and deliver world-class customer service.


We take pride in the responsibility we have to give back to our community, care for our employees, provide a positive experience to our customers and be good stewards of our natural environment.


We hold ourselves to the highest  standard of character with a respectful, honest, ethical, and fair approach to business.


With more than 48 years of trucking experience, our depth of knowledge and efficient approach is unmatched in the industry.


We are available and ready to get the job done for our customers – no matter how big or small.


Our award-winning safety record is the result of our constant efforts to protect our customers, employees, and associates from injury.


Trans-Phos, Inc.is committed to the highest level of service to our customers in a fun and exciting work environment. Mutual progress with defined goals is our objective to our customers and employees.

In order to provide this service, Trans Phos, Inc. is dedicated to internal quality processes, by engaging, developing, and empowering our diverse and valued personnel. Trans-Phos, Inc. strives to embrace technology to communicate and manage the operation and administration of the company more efficiently and safely. Every employee must understand how their job contributes to the overall operation and directly affects the  customer, their ultimate employer!