Trans-Phos is Committed to a Safety First Culture

Trans-Phos, Inc. believes in having a very strong Safety Culture is the only way to have success.

For that reason, Trans-Phos is fully committed to maintaining the culture and improving upon any neglected areas of complacency. Trans-Phos, Inc. believes that our success in our SafetyCulture derives from 17 key points of our philosophy.


  1. There is visible leadership commitment at all levels of our organization.
  2. All employees throughout Trans-Phos exhibit a working knowledge of safety topics.
  3. There is a clear definition of the desired culture the organization wishes to achieve.
  4. There are no competing priorities – safety comes in first every time!
  5. There is visible evidence of a financial investment in safety.
  6. Opportunities for improvement are identified and resolved before a problem occurs.
  7. There is regular, facility-wide communication on safety topics.
  8. A fair and just discipline system is in place for all employees.
  9. There is meaningful involvement in safety from everyone in the organization.
  10. Managers spend an adequate amount of time out with craft level employees.
  11. Safety is the first item on the agenda of every meeting.
  12. Regular, detailed audits of the company’s safety program are conducted by an external auditor.
  13. Rewards and recognition of good behaviors are regularly given and serve to motivate continued
    safety performance.
  14. Safety is a condition of employment.
  15. Managers and supervisors respond positively to safety issues that are raised.
  16. A high standard exists for accurate and detailed reporting of injuries and illnesses.
  17. Safety issues are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.
Bill Whitney and Neil Whitney Trans-Phos



2022—OSHA Certification (Management Team)

2022—MSHA Safety Leadership Training (Supervisors and Drivers)

2021—First Aid & CPR Training (Supervisors and Drivers)


Marshall Jackson
Director of Risk Management
Mark Cannon
Safety Director
Ricardo Valdez
Field Safety Supervisor & Safety Trainer
Chad Bell
Field Safety Supervisor
Yesenia Morcilio
Field Safety Supervisor
Santiago Perez
Field Safety Supervisor
David Eastwood
Field Safety Supervisor