Trucking Materials That You Can Haul

May 23, 2022 | Bulk Transportation, Phosphate Hauling | 0 comments

It’s essential for truckers to know Lakeland trucking materials even with their eyes closed, to know how different trucks can handle certain loads. These materials can be aggregates, asphalt, sand, soil, and stone. But what makes each truck different? It’s through their loading capacity.

Factors that need to be considered for load capacity are how efficient the materials can be loaded and unloaded, as well as the adequate space that the trucks hold, should they be loaded with different hauling materials.

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The “reefer” is an abbreviation and slang for refrigeration. It’s basically designed to carry perishable goods, equipped with an active cooling system for Lakeland trucking companies to effectively transport frozen goods and refrigerated freight.


In terms of transporting materials like flammable gas, organic peroxide, and corrosive material, special care and safety protocols must be observed.

To minimize risks in loading and unloading this kind of material, containers must be labeled accordingly and sealed tightly, and transport compressed gas cylinders with the valve covers screwed on. It is also recommended to place the hazardous materials in a Lakeland trucking cargo bed in a secured manner.

Aggregates / Construction Material

Aggregates and construction materials are essential in completing projects that benefit communities with roads, buildings, and even skyscrapers.

Construction aggregates include all types of construction materials like sand, gravel, sand, and stone. These are used as the basis of all construction projects that help in providing a small foundation.

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